Automotive and Trucking Antifreeze / Coolant

Products Plus, Inc. strives to deliver the highest quality products available when it comes to antifreeze/engine coolant. Our partnerships with industry leaders in the additive and glycol chemical markets are second to none. We offer our customers the most advanced antifreeze/coolant products combined with our superior on-site bulk delivery program.

The Products Plus, Inc. fleet has been running on Coolant Plus Antifreeze/Coolant for over 17 years. We are our own best “Fleet Test”. Our combination of in house Quality Control and outside independent laboratory testing assures the highest quality antifreeze/coolant products.

Today’s automotive and trucking cooling systems are more complicated than ever. Antifreeze/coolants come in a variety of colors and chemistries. So which one is right for your application?

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Coolant Plus Green HD


Coolant Plus Gold HD

Coolant Plus Gold LD


Coolant Plus HD Fleet


Titanium HD Antifreeze


RV/Marine Antifreeze